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Ways to Support St. Jude School


The St. Jude PTO is a non-profit organization that relies solely on fundraising and donations in order to operate. Through our fundraisers each year, we are able to generate the money needed to support programs and events and purchase classroom materials.  Your support of our school helps to ensure quality education for the students under our care.  There are some easy things you can do to benefit St. Jude School (SJS) without spending money.  Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to participate as well!

Prayer -- This is the absolute best way you can support St. Jude School.  Please pray daily for the staff and students!

Time -- Teachers are always looking for volunteers in the classrooms.  There are also many opportunities for volunteering available on the PTO tab.  If you are interested in volunteering with students you must complete safe and sacred.  Click here for more information.

Box Tops for Education - This program earns 10 cents for SJS with each box top label submitted.  Look on General Mills products for the "Box Tops for Education" cut-out. See for a complete lists of box top products.  Tape your box tops to our Box Top collection sheet and send them to the school office.  If you don't have time to place them on the collection sheet, please put them in a baggie with this label attached and your child will get credit for the contest.   

Kroger Community Rewards - If you do your grocery shopping at Kroger, you can earn points that add up to dollars for SJS. Visit and register your Kroger Plus card with our school (sign in to your account and click “Enroll Now”).  SJS receives a quarterly check from Kroger for the rewards earned.  Please note: You need to re-register your Kroger card with our school each year.

Shop with Scrip - If you buy gas, groceries, household goods, clothing, eat out, etc., then you can help raise money by purchasing gift cards to pay for these everyday expenses.  You can even purchase electronic gift cards, which you can order and use at the restaurant or store.  SJS buys gift cards at discounts ranging from 2%-25% and, in turn, sells them at face value.  You choose how to allocate the money you raise among various accounts including the school PTO, the Social Justice & Outreach Committee, a St. Jude family’s tuition or cash back to you.  For more information about the scrip program visit

Shoparoo - turn pictures of your grocery receipts into cash donations for SJS with this free app.  After you shop for groceries, snap a photo of your receipt and earn points.  Each grocery receipt you submit earns 5 to 10 cents for SJS.  Download the free Shoparoo App on your smartphone and start earning points today (use referral code LIMP9716 and earn 100 extra points when you submit your first receipt).