Thank you for visiting our site.  St. Jude School has a long tradition rooted in the Catholic faith.  We continue to be blessed with wonderful school families and community members, faithful and caring staff dedicated to answering the call to teach, and incredible school facilities that continue to improve and grow.  St. Jude School strives to provide new experiences and opportunities for our students and families to grow in many ways including faith, academics, leadership, and athletics.  Thank you for your continued support of our school.


-Principal Beth Meece

About the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

There are 72 Catholic schools in the archdiocese serving over 23,000 students. These include 61 elementary schools and 11 high schools with more than 1500 staff members.

Nearly 12,000 school-aged students are served in parish faith formation (religious education) programs by more than 1,700 catechists. Some 11,300 adults participate annually in one or more parish adult faith formation opportunities, while approximately 3,400 middle and high school students participate in parish youth ministry programs facilitated by more than 800 volunteers.

Catholic schools, parish faith formation, evangelization, youth ministry and young adult and college campus ministry programs in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis serve over 226,000 Catholics in 151 parishes and missions in 11 deaneries throughout a 39 county area of central and southern Indiana comprising some 13,757 square miles with a population of over 2.4 million people.

About St. Jude Catholic School
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St. Jude Catholic School has twice been recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.

St. Jude Catholic School Mission Statement:

The Faculty and Staff of Saint Jude Catholic School in conjunction with the family and community are committed to maintaining the needs of all students by:


  • emphasizing spiritual values rooted in the Catholic faith;

  • providing a Christian environment which nurtures self-esteem, personal growth, and mutual respect;

  • maximizing each child's academic achievement through the presentation of a challenging academic curriculum which provides for students with varying levels of ability;

  • enabling each child to become proficient in the use of computer technology through cross-curricular experiences which support authentic learning;

  • preparing students to become contributing members of a society that is culturally, ethically, and economically diverse.

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St. Jude Catholic School

5375 McFarland Road

Indianapolis, IN  46227

317-784-6828 Phone

317-780-7594 Fax


School Principal

Beth Meece






St. Jude Catholic Parish

5353 McFarland Road

Indianapolis, IN  46227

317-786-4371 Phone



Father Peter Marshall





St. Jude Catholic School and Parish is located at 5375 McFarland Road, just West of Roncalli High School.